Replace 2000 Ford Explorer Headlight

Everybody is shot from Copart.comer here today replacing a 2000 Ford Explorer headlights. Should be about the same. Anyone. 5. 5 might be a little different but they should still help you pretty easy procedure should only date tools unless you have difficulty with the wiring harness. Or if you’re a lever too I lift these. 2 tabs here. Farmers were on each side by actually pulled mine out mom real difficult get up I did use a lever for it over Boucher had do it. We do you lift these tabs straight up. You got a current position. So that the large opening allows you. Pull the bolt out show him back here. Is a wiring harness which also should moment. I’m proud of that unplug the other ridings.

2000 ford explorer headlightsThere’s our Here’s our assembly now. The user Use of the Levers I was telling you about they do have a large opening if you pull it too far it’ll catch our end and prevent this from. From. Pulling free from the vehicle I’m. These are gonna be. Your sockets here was so small our talks. Screw to 2 of them hold the. Sockets into place there if you want to. Remove those actually just twist. Counter clockwise Pull that right from.Housing there. Interesting clockwise security on your year out 2000 Ford Explorer headlights assembly for go it’ll likely include your new sockets involves a lot of our models do if your particular model doesn’t it’s simple matter if you know twisting those 2 sockets. Counterclockwise am pulling them from this one and.

Attaching them to the other. So while there’s nothing wrong with our Ford explorer headlights would re attach it. These are gonna be your sockets here. So we’re going to get those all plug back in. Slide the assembly through. And. The place there. Those both should fit the word the opening. See if I get UP with that. Yes See here School or at the area sorry about that. I see moon the bowl. That’s the kind of fit. Let me get down around that opening. I’m sort of we slide it down it catches it if you don’t your headlight appeal jiggle them you know may fall out on you see one push it all the way through that when you push these tabs down it’ll lock out the sort of plastic washers thing are up plastic not there titled it’ll lock in place that’s what I’m doing here 20 give you a better. View of what’s happening. with those 2 tabs in place headlights not secured to the vehicle. And I just like that you place your symbol.

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