2014 Hyundai Accent sedan review

If you have to rent a car and you select the least expensive option there’s a slight chance to end up in one of these. The 2014 Hyundai accent and my rental car for the weekend. The accent is the smallest and least expensive Hyundai you combine the west in fact it’s among the least expensive cars from any auto maker on sale currently with a base price below $15000. The low prices and come at the expense of style Hyundai calls their design language fluidic sculpture and it’s on nearly every single vehicle on their line up it works well in full size cars like the aids era on down to the sonata a launcher and this accent sedan so unlike economy cars of the past the exit does it look overwhelmingly chief. The most obvious signs that this is an expensive car are the plastic wheel covers on small 14 inch diameter steel wheels. Skinny tires in the lack of fugly but this rental car is a base model TLS. Spend a little bit more money and you can have nice alloy wheels projector beam Hyundai Accent headlight with LED, and turn signal mirrors.

2014 Hyundai Accent No matter which train you end up with the look and feel of the interior is among the best in class. That’s partially because there are a few different color options. It is not always the case in small inexpensive cars a lot of the plastics are hard including the windowsill where you dress your arm unfortunately but they generally have a nice consistent texture and the politic sculpture design motif that carries in from the outside is similar to the interiors and Hyundai’s more premium sedans because this car is geared towards fuel efficiency and has a wind chill that’s swept back and a somewhat lower roofline but don’t let that deceive you. Space inside is quite good at about 5 feet 10 inches tall I found that there is enough headroom without lowering to see too much. And it’s easy to find a comfortable seating position with manual adjustments.

But this car is badly in need of a telescoping steering wheel it’s available on more expensive trains they should really be a standard feature everything else is easy to reach and use I definitely appreciate that the radio has good old fashioned knobs for tuning in volume when a lot of cars these days like the Honda fit. Switching to touch sensitive controls same goes for the very simple HJC knobs which are very easy to use probably even with gloves things like that mean you’re not taking your eyes off the road. And in fact there’s good visibility through the windshield thanks to a low relatively shallow dashboard look over your right shoulder to switch lanes are to reverse into a parking space and you’ll find a sizeable blinds by and it can stir window a rear view camera isn’t available at all for 2014 Hyundai is including a small blind spot near. It’s worth noting that this rental car had over 25000 miles of abuse on it when the keys were handed to us. And yet the interior held up well aside from flimsy door handles there were no loose pieces and no noticeable rattles.

It may seem minor but I also like HJC events for their easy use an upscale look as you’ll see in an upcoming video one of the cheap round vents and our person was already broken and they aren’t very nice to use apparently small details like this make a big difference when cost cutting but they also leave a big impression. There’s a decent amount of storage up front. Space in back is also good with enough room for 2 adults or maybe 3 children ephors almost completely flat there’s good legroom and just barely enough space for your feet to slide under the front seats Cup holders would have been nice along with map pockets for the rear doors. Trunk space is very good Hyundai says cargo capacity is less than 14 cubic feet. It seems like a lot more 5 clubs fit with no problem and even though the gooseneck hinges doing truth slightly that’s more space and some other larger cars there’s also enough storage below the trunk floor since like several cars these days especially from Hyundai no spare tires included although you can purchase one yourself and keep it there if you choose.

Split folding rear seats with awkwardly placed release buttons expand your cargo carrying capacity but they don’t hold completely flat with the trunk floor. All accents come standard with a 1.6 litre inline for making 137 horsepower and 123 healthcare for. You have the option of either a 6 speed manual or smooth shifting 6 speed automatic fuel economy ranges from 26 miles per gallon in the city to 38 on the highway with the manual transmission. So while the accent doesn’t reach that magical 40 mile per gallon number it’s close enough and was able to reach the combined rating of 30 without doing anything special also did use the active eco feature pressing this button changes the way the automatic transmission behaves reduces throttle input essentially forces you to drive anymore fuel efficient manner makes the car feel noticeably slower but in our experience with other Hyundai kia vehicles it does in fact improve fuel efficiency by small mouth.

Either way acceleration feels mediocre especially with the air conditioning on full blast. Spike that the accent is one of the more powerful cars in the class it would seem better for the engine was a bit quieter although it is smooth and doesn’t mind driving around town driving Israeli accent really excels is a commuter car the highway right a smoothie complaint but it’s less isolated every find the Chevy sonic and that you always know what the tires are doing and there’s good feedback with the steering. It seems great at first but after awhile the large bombs that come crashing through the structure and steering rack become very tiresome. Trade off is a chassis that’s a surprisingly willing dance partner dissing steering that’s nice and light at parking speeds is also fairly precisely accent handles quite well but it’s skinny P. 17570 R. 14 tires which you’re probably slick detailed with fuel economy are real let down there so don’t help with road noise other even within the ax in his acceptably quite on the open road this generation of the accent debut in 2012 I thanks to a couple of recent updates here remains pretty current and modern.

Although since that time a brand new Nissan versus hit the streets and a new Honda fit hatchback is on its way those are really the 2 other cars to look at if you’re shopping in this segment their pricing is similar and they offer huge amounts of space on the inside especially in the backseat Jackson is also available as a 5 door hatchback for carrying your cargo and in my humble opinion that one looks a little better too. You can also check out an upcoming video for the Chevy sonic which is a car that gives you a bit more attitude the key area might also be worth a look since its mechanically identical to the Hyundai accent both brands are part of the same company. The realistic gives you the option of a sedan or hatchback with more premium styling and options in the key if things like heated leather seats.

An obligation system with very few camera and push button starter all upgrades that aren’t even available on the Hyundai like lots of small cars the accent performs well in all the usual crash test but does poorly in the insurance institute for highway safety’s new small overlap test the Chevy sonic is the one to beat in that department so the accent may not be the best in class overall but it should definitely go on your shopping list it’s an honest car and strangely reminded me a lot of driving a Honda civic from 15 years ago that’s a huge compliment it also undercuts the competitors by thousands usually. A base model car like the one you see in this video cost less than $15000 before you negotiate remember to get out there and drive a few different cars before you decide and if you’re not sure subscribe to this channel because we just made videos for the Nissan versa and Chevy sonic sedans we’ll see you next time.

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